Down East Management specializes in preparing and implementing Feasibility Studies, Strategic Plans, Business Plans and Financing Plans for corporate clients. We undertake engagements in most business sectors and have specific expertise in the Atlantic fishing and seafood industry.

Fishing and Seafood Industry

Focus: Lobster, Clams, Quahogs, Salmon, Scallops, Shrimp, Herring, Snow Crab and Dungeness Crab

Atlantic Canada's fishing and seafood industry employs about 45,000 people and generates over $2.5 billion in annual exports (2016). Increasing exports is the priority of all levels of government and the private sector. With preferred tariffs for Canadian Seafood exports to the European Union and Asia, Canadian businesses are well positioned to increase global market share in the seafood sector.

One of Our Recent Seafood Business Projects

Recently we were contracted to prepare a business/financing plan by the shareholders of a proposed Seafood company to be located in Atlantic Canada. In partnership with the shareholders, we developed the production process plan required to process specific species. We also developed detailed processing costs to determine the feasibility of each process for each species.

Upon determining that the operation was feasible, the business/financing plan was developed. The plan was comprehensive, covering the critical information required by a 3rd party to perform their due diligence. The plan also included detailed proforma income statements, monthly cash flow statements and the specifics of items requiring financing. We identified the various sources of funding that may be available to the company.

Presentations were made to the various funding sources. The business/financing plan we produced was very well received and lead to a number of organizations individuality, and together, interested in providing the necessary 3rd party financing. This financing will allow the company to move forward with construction, equipment and system ordering, and the hiring of essential staff to make the business operational in the near future. Our comprehensive business/financing plan satisfied all of the client's objectives identified at the start of the contract. Our work was estimated to take a specific number of weeks and the business/financing plan document was issued by us well within the contract time frame.

Business Services for the Seafood Industry

  • Installing performance management systems to increase productivity and profits
  • Expanding production and increasing exports
  • Assessment and implementation of the latest food processing technology to increase productivity and enhance product safety, quality and value to the customer
  • Manage the exit strategy of the shareholders through increased corporate value programs and obtaining Investment Brokers or Purchasers of the company

Down East Management assists Canadian and non-Canadian companies interested in establishing Seafood processing facilities In Atlantic Canada by:

  • Performing an assessment of the seafood sector within Atlantic Canada's many coastal communities
  • Identifying seafood business opportunities and investigating the feasibility of setting up a seafood processing facility in the Maritime Provinces
  • Providing assessment of opportunities in the seafood sector for export under CETA and CPTPP agreements compared to US opportunities regarding reduced or zero tariffs
  • Guiding Canadian export assistance and expansion financial assistance available from multiple levels of Canada's governments.